Event Guide

  • Late April~Early May

    A row of cherry blossom trees in Mihara

    The cherry blossom trees are lit up during the cherry blossom season, attracting people.

  • April 29

    Yasuichi market Festival

    Every year, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Mihara Shopping Street is crowded with street vendors such as plants, seedlings, flowers, farming tools, and hardware.

  • Early May~Early June

    Asama Highland Rhododendron Garden Festival

    Rhododendron is an alpine plant that belongs to azaleas.
    The beautiful pink flowers are beautifully blooming with 150,000 stocks.

  • Early May

    Granfondo Tsumagoi

    “A cyclist who loves a family-friendly wife gathers in Tsumagoi.”

  • Late June~Early July

    Yunomaru Highland Azalea Festival

    From Late June to Early July, the lotus azalea in the Yunomaru Highland of the Kazawa Onsen area is in full bloom.
    Also on the event day for opening special stores selling special products!

  • Early June



    “Motor sports birthplace” Tsumagoi is a high-class rally held in a vast plateau location and attracts many topics.

  • Early July

    Tsumagoi Highland Cabbage Marathon

    It is called “the hardest road race in Japan” because of the intensity of up and down.
    The best cabbage in Japan is the participation prize!

  • Late July

    Manza Onsen dicentra festival

    There are plenty of interesting events such as trekking for plants and free Onsen bathing for hotel guests.

  • Late July

    Tsumagoi summer festival

    A big summer event where gorgeous guest concerts, grabbing masquerades and character shows are held!

    The fireworks that go up to the eye are also amazing!

  • August 11

    Mountain day trekking"Mt.Azumaya"

    This event is loved by mountain climbing on the day of the mountain.
    Tsumagoi Village is booming because it is in a good location surrounded by 100 famous mountains in Japan!

  • Early September

    Tsumagoi Cabbage hill climb

    Once a year, the day when the Manza Highway on the motorway becomes a hill climb course.

    Bicycle event for children and adults.

  • Early September

    Shouting love to his wife in the center of cabbage field(Commonly called"kyabe-Chu")

    An event that screams the thoughts hidden in the chest that cannot be easily communicated.

    Many dramas are born every year.

  • Early September

    Tsumagoi Heart Cabbage Field Project

    Tsumagoi Village, which has the best cabbage production in Japan from summer to autumn, is a sacred place for a loved wife who is familiar with Kyabe Chu.

    We plan a project to draw a big heart with cabbage on a vast cabbage field!

  • Early October

    Asama 2000 skyrace

    This is a rapid climbing race that takes you around the classic mountain route of Takamine Highland.

    If the weather is fine, you can see Mt. Fuji, Mt.Yatsugatake and the Northern Alps! !

    Let's fully enjoy the sky running through the sky while having a “mountain mind” safely descent! 

  • Late October

    Kanda Sports Festival

    There are lots of events such as fun lotteries where you can win luxury sports goods, ski resort campaigns, children's open spaces, and music festivals.

  • ​November 3

    Tsumagoi Village Cultural Festival

    In 1927, the first cultural festival was held for the purpose of improving Tsumagoi culture. After that, music gatherings, work exhibitions, and athletics were held. A cultural festival is held happily.

  • Early November

    Asama Hillclimb

    The event started in 2012 with the aim of promoting regional development and the culture of automobiles. From 2014, the traffic regulation environment has been enhanced by the great efforts of Komoro City, local residents, car enthusiasts, and the automobile industry. The hill climb driving event below was realized.

  • Janualy 1

    New Year's visit to the Manza Onsen

    Snow approach and Yakushido-temple are lit up with candles and are fantastic. Start visiting after the countdown. Amazake and sacred sake are served.

  • Janualy 15

    Dondon-yaki(bonfire often in temple grounds)

    We collect New Year's decorations and pray for a year of sickness.
    There are also mandarin orange throwing and janken games.

  • Late Janualy

    Kanda Ogawa-mati
    Snowman Fair

    Deliver about 60 tons of snow from Tsumagoi village to Tokyo with a huge snowman.

    Snow play plaza and foot bath of Manza hot spring are installed, and a fun lottery organized by the Tsumagoi-mura tourism Information Office is also held!

  • Janualy 31

    "Love Wife Day" Snowshoe & Starry Sky Appreciation Party in Manza Onsen

    “Sacred place to love wife” Tsumagoi village on “Love wife day” on January 31
    A nice special event with two stands.
    We are waiting for an experience that expresses our gratitude to his wife more than words.

  • Early February




    “Motor sports birthplace” is an international-style competition that attracts a lot of topics by holding high-speed rally on snow and ice in Tsumagoi.

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