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Yasuichi market Festival - Event Guide

嬬恋村 安市_2017_イベント_04.jpeg

Yasuichi market Festival


Every year, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Mihara Shopping Street is crowded with street vendors such as plants, seedlings, flowers, farming tools, and hardware.


April 29


Mihara Shopping Street

How to enjoy

There are lots of bargains at the festival's classic stores, such as farm tools and hardware stores!

The cherry blossoms are also beautiful.


☆By Train
From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station→5 min(On foot)
(Click here for timetable)
☆By Car
From Usui-Karuizawa IC→60 min
From Ueda-Sugadaira IC→60 min
From Shibukawa Ikaho IC→90 min
(Click here for parking)

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