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A row of cherry blossom trees in Mihara - Event Guide


A row of cherry blossom trees in Mihara


The cherry blossom trees are lit up during the cherry blossom season, attracting people.


Late April~Early May


Cherry blossom trees in Mihara

How to enjoy

Walking cherry blossoms at the riverside is comfortable both physically and mentally.

Please come to those who want to enjoy cherry blossoms later than anywhere else.


☆By Train

From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station→5 min(On foot)

(Click here for timetable)

☆By Car

From Usui-Karuizawa IC→60 min

From Ueda-Sugadaira IC→60 min

From Shibukawa Ikaho IC→90 min

(Click here for parking)

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