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Download: Le suivi de l'évolution de Windows 10 permet de s'assurer que vous n'êtes pas écarté par des mises à jour importantes. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has today announced he will not allow the party to become the Brexit party. Corbyn announced he had made the decision by popular demand, in spite of previous briefings to the contrary. “The electoral system is about sorting through the clearly mad, the clearly wicked and the clearly absurd, and we do not want to be part of the Brexit party,” said Corbyn. “However, if there is a proportional representation system, which I wholeheartedly support, the major parties could end up with quite a lot of seats between them. “Given the toxicity of Brexit and the likelihood of a Leave vote in any general election, I think it is absolutely right that we be the people’s Brexit party, that we are seen to be the voice of Remain and to be a party that represents the interests of people who want to stay in the European Union.” Corbyn went on to say that he had instructed his advisers to draw up an amendment to Labour’s current policy, which states that Labour are opposed to Brexit, and that they would commit to a Remain-supporting candidate. Corbyn added, “I know that it will be an uphill struggle to convince enough Labour MPs to vote against their own party’s manifesto. But I am confident we can find a way of getting around these obstacles if we are forced to. “So, instead of a Remain-supporting candidate being the Labour party’s policy – I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with something much more clever than that – if the same thing happens, I will personally ensure that Labour does not become the Brexit party.” Tom Harris said, “This decision could well be the reason that the Brexit party eventually gains power, and we will not allow that to happen. “I’m very confident we can turn this around, and when we do, I expect that Jeremy will put in an appearance in the Leave heartlands,




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