​Trekking Information - Around Mt.Asama

Step on the shape of the eruption

The Asama Highland, spreading from the northern foot to the east foot of Mt. Asama, is a lava wilderness that retains the features of the great eruption of 1783.

The full-scale mountain climbing course that allows you to traverse the summit of the highest peaks of Mt. Asama, Mt. Kurohu, Mt.Zyakotsu,Mt.Sennin and Mt.Nokogiri You can look forward.


Mountain range course

Course's degree of difficulty ★★★

Walking Time 9H30M

↓100 min

↑80 min

↓80 min

↑60 min


↓60 min


↑80 min

↓20 min

↑15 min

↓80 min

↑80 min


↓20 min


↑20 min

↓50 min

↑60 min

↓100 min

↑60 min

Asama Kogen Rhododendron Garden

hiking course

Course's degree of difficulty ★☆☆

Walking Time 1H~1H30M

1 lap around 1H~1H30M

  • Mt.Asama

    Boasting an altitude of 2,568 meters, Mt. Asama is known as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

    The magnificent figure and its seasonal beauty have been loved by many people since ancient times.

    The nature of the mountains connected to Mt. Asama, such as alpine plants, alpine butterflies, and wild animals, nurtures many precious animals and plants.

    Because it is an independent mountain, the view from the summit of Mt. Asama is wonderful and there are days when you can see Mt. Fuji.

  • Asama Kogen Rhododendron Garden

    The 150,000 large rhododendrons and the large panorama of the Asama Highland that spread out at the foot of Mt.Asama.

    The best time to see rhododendrons is from early to late May.

    You can also enjoy lotus azaleas, willows, and autumn larch yellow leaves throughout the year.

  • Mt.Asama lava tree type

    The lava tree type is a well-like depression formed by a lava flow erupted from the crater that covers a large tree in the forest that was thickened at the foot of the mountain and then cooled, solidified, and the trunk of the tree decayed.

    As many as 500 sites exist around Mt. Asama and are designated as a national natural monument.

  • Mt.Asama Magma Stone Park

    The art of lava born in the eruption of Mt. Asama in 1783.

    It is the best scenic spot in the Asama Highland, where rock masses that convey the intensity of the eruption and rich nature weave.

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