Trekking Information - Around Kazawa Onsen

A trekking course rich in crimson lotus azalea and variety.

There are a number of promenades from Kazawa to Yunomaru.
Strolling while enjoying larch forests and alpine plants will remind you of the fun of trekking.
You can enjoy a variety of nature, such as the Mt.Murakami course that takes about an hour, and the course that goes slowly to Mt.Eboshi

Mt.Kakuma and Mt.Nabebuta course

Course's degree of difficulty ★★★

​Walking Time 4H35M

↓60 min

↑50 min

↓40 min

↑30 min

↓45 min

↑50 min

Mt.Yunomaru and Kakuma-Pass course

Course's degree of difficulty ★★☆ ​

Walking Time 6H30M

↓40 min

↑30 min

↓40 min

↑30 min

↓60 min

↑80 min

↓50 min

↑60 min

Mt.Murakami course

Course's degree of difficulty ★☆☆

Walking Time 1H40M

↓60 min

↑40 min

​Hiking course

Course's degree of difficulty ★☆☆

Walking Time 4H10M

↓60 min

↑60 min


↑30 min

↓30 min

↑20 min

Mt.Saziki and Mt.Kosaziki

Course's degree of difficulty ★★☆

Walking Time 2H5M~2H15M

↓20 min

↑15 min

↓55 min

↑45 min

↓50 min

↑40 min

  • Astragalus azalea community in Yunomaru Highland

    From late June to early July, the spectacle of about 600,000 lotus azaleas laying red carpets from the base of Mt.Yunomaru to the top is wonderful.

    This Yunomaru lotus azalea community has been designated as a national natural monument.

  • Tamadare-Falls

    It is in the middle of the Yujiri-River sidewalk that connects Kazawa Onsen and Shin-Kazawa Onsen.

    There is no doubt that your body and mind will be healed peacefully after bathing in the sun.

    As soon as you cross the Rindo-Bridge (suspension bridge) and go along the river, you will see "Tamare-Falls".

    The amount of water is not so large, and the head of the waterfall is a small waterfall of about 5 meters, but a lot of water is flowing down like “Ball droops(Tamadare)”.

  • Snowy-Mountain-Hymn Monument

    The birthplace of the Snowy-Mountain-Hymn.

    This is a monument commemorating this song that was made when students from Kyoto University's mountaineering club, such as Mr. Eisaburo Nishibori (later Chief Antarctic Winter Observation Captain) in 1926, were ski camp at Kazawa Onsen.

  • Hundred body Kannon

    A villager puts a hundred Kannon statues from the first to the hundredth on the path of about 10 kilometers from Shinzari (First Kannon) in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture to Kazawa Onsen (Hundred Kannon).

    This signpost has helped a lot of Onsen customers.

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