Kanda Ogawa-mati Snowman Fair - Event Guide

Kanda Ogawa-mati
Snowman Fair


Deliver about 60 tons of snow from Tsumagoi village to Tokyo with a huge snowman.
Snow play plaza and foot bath of Manza hot spring are installed, and a fun lottery organized by the Tsumagoi-mura tourism Information Office is also held!


Late Janualy


Ogawa open space

How to enjoy

In addition to “Snow Play Square”, “Snow Slide”, “Treasure Search Game”, “Kamakura Experience”, “Warm gourmet” in Tsumagoi Village, “Footbath” sent directly from the Onsen, “Brass Band Performance” by local groups, etc. You can enjoy.


☆By Train
From Jimbocho Station →20 min(On foot)
☆By Car
From Hitotsubashi IC→10 min
(Please use nearby coin parking)


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