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Dondon-yaki(bonfire in temple grounds) - Event Guide


Dondon-yaki(bonfire in temple grounds)


We collect New Year's decorations and pray for a year of sickness.
There are also mandarin orange throwing and janken games.


Janualy 15


Various places in the village

How to enjoy

It is said that eating porridge and dumplings that hit this fire and smoke will not cause tooth decay, and will also make your body healthy.


☆By Train
From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station→5 min(On foot)
(Click here for timetable)
☆By Car
From Usui-Karuizawa IC→60 min
From Ueda-Sugadaira IC→60 min
From Shibukawa Ikaho IC→90 min
(Click here for parking)

We look forward to your contribution.


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