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Manza Onsen dicentra festival - Event Guide

Manza Onsen dicentra festival


There are plenty of interesting events such as trekking for plants and free Onsen bathing for hotel guests.


Late July


Manza Nature Center

How to enjoy

Dicentra was overfished for a period of time and was in danger of extinction, but escaped from the crisis with the protection of locals.
Dicentra now blooms beautiful red flowers in the Manza Onsen area from the Early July.


☆By Train
From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station→40 min(Use Route bus)
(Information of Route bus)

☆By Car
From Usui-Karuizawa IC→110 min
From Shinsyu-Nakano IC→70 min
From Shibukawa-Ikaho IC→140 min
(Parking available)

We look forward to your contribution.


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