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Introducing the natural beauty of Tsumagoi Village's unique wonders, historic sites, and cultural properties.

Life from around 5000 years ago is presumed from earthenware excavated from various places in the village.

500 years ago, it became Numata territory by Mr. Takeda and Mr. Sanada, and 400 years ago it was directly controlled by the Shogunate.

400 years ago, traffic started as a back road to the north country, and there was a barrier and a crowded place for people and horses carrying luggage.

In 1783, during the historic eruption of Mt. Asama, the debris flow from the crater hit the entire Kambara area, and only about 93 of the approximately 750 residents in the former Kambara area escaped to Kambara Kannon-do temple.

The current Tsumagoi village was born in 1890, with 11 districts grouped together in 1889.