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Asama 2000 skyrace - Event Guide

Asama 2000 skyrace


This is a rapid climbing race that takes you around the classic mountain route of Takamine Highland.

Climb up and down the Mt.Kago-no-tou at the height of 2,227 meters and climb up MT.Mizu-no-tou at the height of 2,202 meters.


Early October


Takamine Kogen Visitor Center

How to enjoy

If the weather is fine, you can see Mt. Fuji, Mt.Yatsugatake and the Northern Alps! !
Let's fully enjoy the sky running through the sky while having a “mountain mind” safely descent! 


☆By Train
From Komoro Station →20 min(Use Route bus)
☆By Car
From Komoro IC→30 min
(Parking available)

We look forward to your contribution.


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