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"Love Wife Day"Snowshoe & Starry Sky Appreciation Party - Event Guide


"Love Wife Day" Snowshoe & Starry Sky Appreciation Party in Manza Onsen


“Holy place to love wife” Tsumagoi village on “Love wife day” on January 31
A nice special event with two stands.
We are waiting for an experience that expresses our gratitude to his wife more than words.


Janualy 31


Manza Onsen

How to enjoy

Combine snowshoeing and starry sky appreciation to deepen your couple's friendship in winter at Manza Onsen and enjoy the magnificent nature experience of Tsumagoi Village.


☆By Train
From Manza-Kazawaguchi Station→40 min(Use Route bus)
(Information of Route bus)
☆By Car
From Usui-Karuizawa IC→110 min
From Shinsyu-Nakano IC→70 min
From Shibukawa-Ikaho IC→140 min
(Parking available)

We look forward to your contribution.


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